Our story

written by Jaime’ Agee

   You may wonder how this mission came about? Short answer, God gave a commission to “go” and we all chose to say “yes – send me!” The idea of a tour was spoken to the hearts of many over the last several years, through visions, dreams, Spirit-led prompting, and the very prophetic words of a RV tour spoken over us. We have been patiently waiting for Him to fulfill these promises that have been burning within us. Those of us that have been apart of this call from conception understand fully that this is a huge mission. It could have literally not been done without the Lords’ hand in it, and others’ willing hearts. We are sure that He has been fully preparing each of us for many years, for this very mission, for such a time as this.

Due to a totally corrupt media and inept government, we put up our first banner in Bonham, Texas on November 1st, 2021. Little did we know it would quickly turn into a nation wide billboard campaign fueled by We The People. As of June 1st, 2023 we have raised over $500,000 allowing us to put up 195+ outdoor billboards in 33 states, 500+ indoor billboards in over 400 venues, bus benches, mobile digital trucks and a giant billboard in Times Square for 10 months! Banners4Freedom.com

On April 26th, 2023, we were given a new assignment to help organize the First Landing 1607 Project where we Re-Covenanted this nation back to God at the original First Landing site in Virginia Beach, VA. This was a historic event and a transition moment for our country. FirstLanding1607.com

Our most recent assignment, the Remnant Revolution Tour, started back on 2.22.2022 where we received a prophetic word on how we would be traveling in RV’s across the country. Over the next year, through many confirmations, dreams and visions, we knew we had to do something. The official announcement was made at the First Landing 1607 event. We launched on May 27th, 2023, out of Collinsville, TX where we are traveling in a convoy with We The People, the Remnant, around the United States from Pentecost to the Feast of Tabernacles taking a message of truth, hope and revival to the nation. 


So, how did this all start? Why do we feel led to be involved in this tour?

Our story: God started us on this mission in 2021, of informing the people in our local community of the dangers behind the Covid-19 jabs via speaking at County Commissioner meetings, putting “VAX Facts” ads in the local paper and then on to a digital billboard in town on November 1st, 2021. This idea of informing the masses of Truth, and providing resources of help and hope, through digital billboard messages quickly spread like wildfire. Since that time the Lord has led us on some wild adventures, allowing us the opportunity to spread truth messages across 35 states, on 195+ billboards, bus benches, mobile digital trucks, speaking opportunities at many different events and even a billboard in Times Square for 10 months. Allowing us to help fulfill the commission of Psalm 20:5, “In the Name of our God we will raise our Banners, and He will hear our petitions.” To find out more details of how and what has happened in the last year and a half you can check out some of the interviews that we have done at: Banners4Freedom.com 

What has transpired over the last few months has stemmed out of our original B4F mission. Here are a few details that has led us to this point.

*In Apple-Creek, OH on 2.22.22 at Freedom Fellowship Church, a lady we did not know prophesied over Robert, that we would be traveling in an RV around this country, from east to west. To be honest, we kind of rejected this word for many months, even though she wasn’t the only person that spoke this over us. Included in these words were a common message that we were birthing/starting a nationwide revival that would reach to many other nations.  

*We attended “The Covenant: Restoring the Ancient Path” event in Plymouth MA with The Resistance Chicks on September 11th, 2022. After this event I had a series of dreams for several nights in a row. Each one of them was very vivid but brief. Two different dreams included 2 old friends being radically saved at two different types of venues. One of them included going around the country with various types of trucks & trailers and building wooden billboards everywhere.

*Then in October 2022, we had just gotten home from a ReAwaken America Tour in Manheim, PA where I had another dream. We were touring around the nation with all kinds of RVs, big trucks and customized box trailers. These trailers were equipped with digital billboards on the sides and a stage that rolled out of the back. We were set up in a local park somewhere. Derek Johnson was singing and telling about military laws, Scott Mallary with Truckin4Troop was ministering to a group of veterans while kids were climbing all over his giant trucks and Scott Kesterson was handing out Founder’s Bibles to the people that were gathered there. We were all walking around engaging with the people, laying hands on some in prayer and just ministering love to all. I kept this dream to myself for 2 months. Then in December, by happen chance, Derek Johnson & Scott Mallary end up sitting in our kitchen! I shared my dream after some prompting from Robert (I had just told him the dream a couple days before that). They both responded, “that would be cool”, nothing more was talked about the tour after that.

*Our friend Kerry and I were having a phone conversation at the beginning of January 2023. She gave me the idea of doing a billboard ad that was geared to bringing awareness to the Human Trafficking problem. We ended up creating a billboard ad that says, “Let My People Go, Stop Human Trafficking”. She also threw out the idea to start doing events like fishing tournaments, golf tournaments or concerts. To go out to where the people are to minister to them instead of inviting them to a conference or church service. Of course, this sparked my spirit with ideas.

*On 1/11/23 I received a sub-stack article from a friend in Atlanta GA, Peter (70×7). This article he wrote just happened to be titled, “Truth Trucks” (https://t.me/LordofHeavensArmies/258). I was blown away that his Truth Truck idea was almost exactly like what I had seen in my dream back in October. This was the initial fire that prompted us to start seriously exploring the idea of doing a tour. After that day we ended up setting up a zoom call with a group of people that we were already beginning to work with on another mission, The First Landing 1607 Project. In a previous conversation there had been talks of someone possibly willing to invest into an RV tour, with multiple themed RVs that were to go across the country. During that meeting there were just some introductions done and we had decided to just reconvene after arriving back from the Nashville ReAwaken Conference the end of January, 2023.

*While at the Nashville ReAwaken Tour, a lot of different divine meetings began to take place. We met several different folks that had similar desires, visions, dreams and words prophesied over them about doing a tour such as this one. Upon arriving back home from TN, the idea started becoming real. Several people that didn’t even know that we had already been talking about doing a tour called us saying they felt like the Lord was leading them to do something similar. Magnetically the Lord quickly started pulling a group of people together that have the same desires, mission, wide range of skills and a hunger to do the Lords’ will. Almost every call ended up with another person/couple wanting to jump on board. We started working on laying out how and what this tour might look like. By the end of February, I started picking out some possible locations that we could conduct events. I found out where some of our friends live that wanted to help with the tour in other states and put it all on a spreadsheet with tentative dates. We picked a date of May 27th to launch in Texas, finding out later that was the Day of Pentecost! The rest of the trip would eventually lead us to Las Vegas for the ReAwaken Conference in August then Colorado Springs in September for the week of the Feast of Tabernacles!

*Robert sat down one night at the end of March to create a flier for the tour and begin working on the website. He took a map of the US, put pinpoints on each location that I had listed, then decided to connect the dots to show the route we would be taking. He asked me to come look at it to make sure it looked alright. I immediately said, “oh, how cute you drew a fish!” He was shocked he didn’t notice it while in the design phase. It was not planned! Well, I’m not the only one that has seen this as instantly everyone who saw the map said, “wow, that can only be God!”. After seeing this fish drawn route, I remembered a vision that I had back in January after the tour had just begun to develop. It was of Jesus throwing out a huge, gigantic, net over the US. I thought about all the fish that could be caught in a net that size. Well, boy oh boy has a big net been cast and He has clearly shown us the possible size of the catch right in the middle of it. The next morning, after Robert had created the map our youngest son who is 9, Gunner Rei, came to me while I was doing laundry. He said, “Mama, I’m not too sure about this RV tour, but if you can promise me one thing, I’ll be good with it.” I was honestly, expecting some ridiculous request like a new computer, phone, or game stuff. His request blew me away, “I’ll be happy, if you can promise that we will go fishing a lot!” Oh, the spirit rushed over me, and I had to show him the map of the tour route. He exclaimed, “wow, it’s a fish”. This led to a whole conversation about Jesus turning fishermen into fishers of men and what that all means. His final comment, “guess we will be doing a lot of FISHING then!” Out of the mouth of babes. Since then, he has given me many suggestions about different types of events to have that would include children’s activities, such as: frisbee golf tournaments, mini-golf tournaments and of course, kids fishing tournaments. This was by far the biggest confirmation/sign for me from the Lord that we are on the right course.

These are just some of the incredible God winks that have taken place leading up to this moment. Robert told me about 2 paragraphs and now I’ve about finished a book 🙂

We have entered the time of a Great Spiritual Awakening where the Lord Jesus is establishing His Kingdom here on earth. We are taking authority over the tools and people the enemy has used to propagate his lies and are Raising a Banner and Remnant of Truth in its place.

We are so eager to see what lies ahead, and for many others to join us in this adventure, as the Remnant rises across the United States with the Lord as our Captain!  Gen. 45:7

Robert & Jaime’ Agee

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